Passionate about the products we create

We assist our awesome clients and partners all the way from concept and design to finished product, launch, and maintenance.

Quick facts

Tallium has been in business for more than eight years. Check out the below facts to learn more about us.

Web & Mobile
App Development

Core competence
Projects delivered
Kyiv, Ukraine
R&D Office
IT professionals
Calgary, Canada


Our company's leaders have decades of combined experience developing software projects.

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Oleks Mykolaienko

Chief Operation Officer

Oleks has been engaged in software development for more that 9 years. As CEO, Oleks manages the company's day-to-day operations. He is an evangelist of Agile methodology, a respected mentor and a public speaker.

Serge Nekipelov


Serge has been working with globally-recognized brands for more than 12 years. He is a process-oriented digital marketing expert and UX perfectionist with strong management skills. Serge builds teams for maximum efficiency.

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Vladyslav Mashkara

Chief Technical Officer

Successfully passed through the complexities of development and team-building challenges past 15 years to deliver some of the largest projects in the US/EU markets. Implemented some of the most technologically sophisticated projects for Telecom A-brands. As a member of the Executive Management Team, advise and guide on more effective, simpler, and faster means to accomplish the organization's mission through technology.

Vitalii Aizen

Chief Business Development Officer

Vitalii is an enthusiastic and results-driven leader with 7+ years of experience in digital marketing, lead gen and worldwide business development. He is always focused on value delivery and committed to helping clients and partners in transforming their businesses and grasp opportunities of the digital era.

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Our values

We are building a company where people want to work. Check out the four values below: they are at the core of our culture.

Our people are happy at work

We have great relationships with all of our team members. A friendly atmosphere and positive emotions are important to our organization, because happy employees perform better. We create opportunities to get together outside of work and enjoy spending time with our team.

We get work done well and on time

We follow through on our commitments and get done what we said we’d get done. We don't tolerate missed deadlines, poor performance, and unfinished work. If there is an issue in production build, we’ll be responsible and fix it without delays, even if that requires us to wake up in the middle of the night.

Every team member is vital

Our company has no formal hierarchical structure. We distribute management tasks among all and thereby multiply accountability. Everybody who works at Tallium is involved in every decision. We foster an environment where every team member has a voice and can share their thoughts and opinions openly.

We keep abreast of new technology

Tallium is first and foremost a technology company. And the thing about technology is that it doesn't wait for you. What was hot yesterday is old hat today. Each project brings new challenges. To do a better job we keep ourselves updated with tech trends and constantly advance our capabilities.

Let’s build something your users will love

We are happy to invest our time and expertise in turning your vivid idea into a robust actionable concept that will lead you to success.