Passionate about the products we create

Our mission is to create perfect user experiences and help companies around the globe to implement their business strategy by developing the most advanced web and mobile solutions.

Quick facts

Tallium has been in business for more than eight years. Check out the below facts to learn more about us.

Web & Mobile
App Development

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Kyiv, Ukraine
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IT professionals
Calgary, Canada


Our company's leaders have decades of combined experience developing software projects.

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Oleks Mykolaienko

Founding partner & CEO

Oleks has been engaged in software development for more that 9 years. As CEO, Oleks manages the company's day-to-day operations. He is an evangelist of Agile methodology, a respected mentor and a public speaker.

Serge Nekipelov

Founding partner & President

Serge has been working with globally-recognized brands for more than 12 years. He is a process-oriented digital marketing expert and UX perfectionist with strong management skills. Serge builds teams for maximum efficiency.

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Vladyslav Mashkara

Partner & CTO

Successfully passed through the complexities of development and team-building challenges past 15 years to deliver some of the largest projects in the US/EU markets. Implemented some of the most technologically sophisticated projects for Telecom A-brands. As a member of the Executive Management Team, advise and guide on more effective, simpler, and faster means to accomplish the organization's mission through technology.

Vitalii Aizen

Partner & CBDO

Vitalii is an enthusiastic and results-driven leader with 7+ years of experience in digital marketing, lead gen and worldwide business development. He is always focused on value delivery and committed to helping clients and partners in transforming their businesses and grasp opportunities of the digital era.

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Our values

We are building a company where people love to work. Discover our key values – they are at the core of Tallium culture.

Tallium is about Diving Deep

We go for challenges and know that only deep-diving leads to the best solutions. We turn meticulous research into robust, actionable concepts that generate value, not just a code. We are 100% focused on client success and never start a project until we set measurable target.

Tallium is about Being Agile

We maintain the flow of ideas with our clients throughout the project, and welcome changes at any stage if they lead to a better product. Using our expertise and clients’ feedback we adept development to minimize costs and maximize results.

Tallium is about Flawless Execution

We stick to our commitments. Accurately estimating resources at the outset, we deliver work on time. We strive for absolute quality at every stage of the process and ready to go an extra mile to fulfill our agreements in case of unforeseen events.

Tallium is about Transparency & Partnership

We build lasting relationships with our clients and partners, based on honesty and respect. Providing access to internal tracking tools and personal contact with each team member, we create an atmosphere of transparency and trust.

Tallium is about People & Teamwork

We believe that teamwork makes dream work. We encourage personal contributions and ensure collaborative environment, combining our strengths and passions to create stunning products.

Let’s build something your users will love

We are happy to invest our time and expertise in turning your vivid idea into a robust actionable concept that will lead you to success.