Your own dedicated team in Kyiv, Ukraine

Cut your development costs and increase quality.

Your own dedicated team in Kyiv, Ukraine

Have full control over your project and scale your team at any time.

Your own dedicated team in Kyiv, Ukraine

Reduce administrative expenses and the stress involved with hiring and retaining employees.

How does the dedicated team work?

We can find the best professionals to suit your needs within the shortest possible time.


  • Hires the required specialists

  • Provides a comfortable workplace

  • Covers
    HR management


  • 1

    Define your requirements

  • 2

    Select team members

  • 3

    Manage your team

Why choose us

We build teams for maximum efficiency.
Perfect team members selected by you
Complete transparency with resource performance dashboards
Effective project management methodologies
No hidden costs
On-demand team scaling
No overheads, no severances, no problems
Advanced communication tools
On-premise staff training

How we work

We assign a project manager who coordinates the work throughout the project and maintains constant contact with our clients. In addition, you are always free to communicate with every team member directly. We use Jira for project management and messengers for discussing urgent matters.

We are prepared to mitigate your risks

Some of our clients perceive a dedicated team model as risky, since the time and cost of the project aren’t fixed. In this case, we can work with you to mitigate these risks by offering you a so-called "hybrid" model. In this hybrid model, we deliver the project within an agreed-upon time frame and budget. After the release you can continue working with us using a dedicated team model.

Project-based work


Dedicated team

Project-based work

Let us complete a well-defined scope of work for a fixed price.


Initiate the transition from the project-based to the dedicated team model.

Dedicated team

Continue working with the same experts under the time-and-materials contract.

Let's build a team for you

We can hire a dedicated team who will work on your project from our office in Kyiv.