The problem
The traditional used car industry is often characterized as sleazy and rife with unscrupulous sales tactics. Customers who want to buy a used car often have fears that the vehicle they select might have problems. It's almost a rule that used car buyers distrust sellers. So they want to make sure they're not getting ripped off.

The founders of Cardrop, a marketplace that connects car buyers and sellers, have a background in car dealership and car insurance. They realized that the lack of consumer trust is one of the biggest problems in the industry.

Cardrop is a Swedish marketplace for used cars that matches buyers and sellers and handles the car-buying process in a safe and reliable manner
Project delivery model
Time & Material
Service scope
Web development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
1 PM, 1 QA, 1 technical writer, 2 PHP developers, 2 front-end developers
6 months
The solution
To implement the marketplace Cardrop turned to Tallium.
Our team provided web development services for the following products:

  • The end-user facing web-based marketplace solution for sellers and buyers

  • The business management system that offers sales management, finance management, inventory control, and client management functionalities.

Project overview

The Cardrop platform operates as a digital car broker. Representatives of Cardrop inspect the vehicles, give the best possible market price for these vehicles, and sell them on the marketplace. Cardrop ensures that vehicles are picked up and delivered to the nearest delivery point or even to a customer’s doorstep.

A convenient way to buy a used car
Cardrop offers a wide selection of vehicles and a quick and easy buying process. The Cardrop experience begins online, where buyers can browse cars by make, model, price, and features. On the car page users get a detailed overview of the car's features. They can ask questions on the site to get more information about the car.

The majority of cars on the platform sell within two weeks. If a car doesn't sell within 30 days Cardrop guarantees a marketable bid from their partner network of thousands of car dealers in Europe.
Vehicle inspection
Every car sold on Cardrop undergoes a thorough test that includes inspection of dozens of points including engine, fuel system, brakes, air conditioning, body and interior. A vehicle inspector records the results of the inspection in the business management system using a tablet. These results are then displayed on the front-end – the vehicle listing page.
Custom business management system
We built a custom business management system for our clients where they can keep track of their business. The system allows for monitoring the status of each deal, creating test protocols, scheduling car pickup and delivery, signing contracts, and managing orders and payments for each customer
Online transactions
When a customer is ready to buy a car they can do it on Cardrop's site. To handle online transactions we implemented integration with Trustly's solution for Online Banking ePayments (OBeP).

We also integrated the service with BankID API, the leading electronic identification system in Sweden, to let Cardrop's customers sign transactions electronically. When the status of the request changes, Cardrop's customers get a text notification via SMS.

The Cardrop platform offers a convenient process of buying a used car and a custom business management system that combines resource planning with customer and inventory management functionalities.

Technology stack

The main challenge of the Cardrop project was developing a business management system with a complicated business logic on the server side.


Angular 5
Digital Ocean





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