Project overview

The platform uses neural network techniques and competitive generative networks to build a colour-coded system for tracking the level of Covid cases and assessing the severity of each person’s injury based on the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health and user data.

Features overview

  • Authorization
  • Registration
  • OTP verification
  • Password recovery
Profile settings page
Dashboard - main screen with regular updates of QR code for reading, maps with hotspots, notifications about filling in symptoms

Questionnaire with a list of symptoms with the need to regularly update it

Unique QR code for each user, containing a history of illness, calls to a medical institution and is intended to be read when visiting public places

Heatmap - shows crowded places in the vicinity of the user's current location with a request to avoid them

Scanning devices via Bluetooth to determine the person the user was communicating with at the time of detecting covid infection

Technology stack

We implemented a complicated business logic on the server side and enabled continuous delivery. Our CI server builds the system and runs a full suite of unit and integration tests against every commit. We integrated the app with PaymentIQ, a specific payment platform for the iGaming industry, and designed complex game mechanics to make betting more fun and exciting.
Yandex AppMetrica
Oz Forensics
Azure DevOps

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