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Phishing risk mitigation system

In the midst of a phishing attack, early detection matters. Visibility is vital for security operations and incident response teams to identify, contain and remediate any potential threat resulting from a phishing email.

To date, organizations have lacked an efficient process for gathering, organizing, and analyzing user reports of suspicious emails that may indicate early stages of a cyber attack, while at the same time alerting other enterprise users of a danger. Tallium’s Phishing Risk Mitigation Tool ™ provides organizations with a simple, cost-effective way to solve this problem.

AlarmIT empowers users to proactively participate in an organization’s security program. By simplifying the process for employee reporting of suspicious email, AlarmIT makes it easy for your employees to report any suspicious email they receive.

When clicked, AlarmIT sends the suspicious email to your security operations team. It also automatically alerts of a danger every other user in the environment who also received the same email. Upon confirmation by the security operations team, the suspicious email is automatically deleted in every mailbox it was seen, drastically reducing the effort to identify, contain and remediate potential threat.

  • AlarmIT is an easy-to-install and use
  • Fully customizable workflow and appearance
  • Supports PC or MAC with Outlook, o365 or Gmail email toolbars
  • Real time dashboard and robust management console
  • Algorithmic ticket prioritization
  • Scalable

Status: Beta version. Release September 2017